You have questions... We have answers...

Is my credit card info safe?

We have contracted with Stripe to process all of our transactions at Lambo's Travel Deals.  Stripe is the same company that handles e-commerce for folks like Under Armour, Best Buy, and Facebook.  In short, we take protecting your credit card information seriously!  We'd also like you to know that we never sell any personal information, so you can sign up confident that your personal information stays that way.

Can I make requests for a specific trip?

Of course!  Our goal is to help you get the best deal possible.  

We send out the best deals on flights, hotels, and discounted/free experiences and events that we can find.  You will almost always get the best deal by being flexible and taking advantage of the deals we send out.

However, you can certainly request our help for a more specific trip and we will do our best to help you save as much money as possible!  Afterall, that's what makes us happy...  making you happy!

How many email alerts can I expect?

That depends...  We certainly try to limit our emails to one per day.  However, when we see particularly good deals we want to make sure you don't miss anything, so you may get more than one, but this is rare.  

Our main focus is international flight deals, but we do sent domestic flight deals as well, along with other travel deals we thing might be of interest and save you money!  When you sign up you are asked to enter your home airport from which you'd like to see flight deals; this helps to eliminate a lot of the email alerts that don't pertain to you.  We want to help inspire your travels and save you money, not spam you.

Why can't I find the deal you sent out?

Airline pricing is dynamic and rises and falls with increased, or decreased, demand.  Most deals we send out will last for two or three days, sometimes a week or two.  However, they can also last just an hour or two.

We try to get you the deals as early as possible, so that you have a chance to grab the deals you're interest in.  That said, if you can find a deal we sent out it's probably already gone.  

What kinds of deals do you send out?

We mainly focus on international airfare, this is the great majority of the deals you'll see us send out.  We will also send out some domestic fares (Hawaii is a popular one), as well as some hotel deals we spot, discount codes we become aware of, and other money saving deals we find (for example, a free 2017 Canada Parks Pass, or free entry on certain days to US National Parks, or free museum entrance days etc)

With our coaching services we can also show you how to buy Disney and/or Universal Studios tickets for free, or at least get a lot of $ back.  Basically, we want you to feel like signing up for our service is the best money you've spent for saving on travel!

What's your cancellation policy?

When you sign up you will get a 30 day free trial of our deal alert emails (points coaching and travel assistance are not included in the 30 day free trial).  You can obviously cancel anytime during the trial and not be charged.  Once you are charged following the free trial you can cancel anytime to stop any future payments.