Happy Travels Series - Combating Jet Lag

Jet lag is a serious problem that those flying across multiple time zones battle each trip.

There's no shortage of advice, or products, to help us try to swing the tide in our direction, or at least, lessen it's affects.

I read an interesting article recently titled: "How to beat jet lag easily with 1 simple diet hack."  This certainly caught my attention.  I have never tried any of the products available, so can't comment on those, but have just tried to get on my destination's time ASAP.  So, when I land at my destination after a less than ideal sleep on the flight over, I don't check in and take a nap (even though my body is begging me to), I check in and get out having a full calendar of things to do and see hitting the ground running.  My only other simple strategy has been to stay well hydrated on the plane.  I'm excited to try the advice in the article on my next trip...  I will report back in the fall to let you know of my experience.  

This comes to us from the folks over at "How I travel" and I think it's worth a read, especially if it can help you better enjoy your trip, or make coming home a little less awful.

Comment below if you have any tips or tricks for battling jet lag that work well for you!

Happy Travels!